July 8, 1998

Mr. Michael J. Zezeski, P.E.
CHART Program Manager
Maryland State Highway Administration
7491 Connelley Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

Dear Mr. Zezeski:

PB Farradyne Inc. (PBFI) and the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) are pleased to be able to present design documentation for the Next Generation of the Maryland CHART System. As the first Statewide transportation management program, the Maryland CHART program has been in the forefront of national ITS developments. PBFI and CSC are proud of the role weíve played in working with you to support its advancement.

We are also happy to be a part of the innovative way in which Maryland is approaching the development of the Next Generation System. We believe we have prepared design documentation that clearly sets forth our vision for the system, and demonstrates our understanding of your requirements.

Our documentation is presented in two volumes. The first volume contains the design report, and the second volume contains the detailed design appendices. A compact disc is also provided that contains both volumes for ease of access to the material. Within these pages, you will be reading about the many innovative features of our approach. One of these is the Catalyst methodology, which we used to guide our design process, and plan to continue to use in further developing the Next Generation CHART system. Another is the use of the National Architecture to ensure that all of the appropriate interfaces among regional operating agencies have been provided for in our design. These features also include object oriented software design, incorporation of national ITS standards, prototyping of graphical user interfaces, an archived data user service to make effective use of the information collected by CHART for transportation planning purposes, and offsetting of system costs through use of resource sharing.

You know that PBFI and CSC have worked very well together on previous Maryland State Highway Administration projects such as the CHART Telecommunications Analysis, the CHART II Network, and other ITS support task orders. Our individual strengths complement each other extremely well, and our partnership and respect for each otherís knowledge and business practices has grown stronger as a result of working together on the Next Generation CHART design.

As local firms, PBFI and CSC offer complete and immediate access to not only the technical staff working on the project, but also the responsible managers all the way up the chain of command. And because we are local, we can ensure you of our complete dedication, because we will have to live with the results every day.

PBFI and CSC are anxious to work with you to develop a system that will benefit the public, allow your operators and engineers to be more productive, and be widely recognized as the nationís standard. We look forward to answering any questions, and, if you choose, presenting a summary of our approach. We are eager to begin!


Kenneth R. Marshall, P.E.

Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager