2.1 Documentation Organization

Our documentation is presented in two volumes and is organized as follows:

Volume I Contents

Section 1: Executive Summary. Summarizes our approach to system design, the most important features of our design and management plan, and our proposed schedule and cost. Innovative suggestions for cost sharing are also included.

Section 2: Introduction. Presents the organization of this submittal, including a matrix that maps the document to the RFP requirements. It also presents a brief discussion of the Vision and Strategy behind our system design approach.

Section 3: System Design. Presents our design framework, highlighting several important features of our design approach, including our vision and strategy for CHART II and several key design elements.

Section 4: Technical Approach. This is the heart of the submittal. It presents design information, organized as follows:

Section 5: Operations and Maintenance. Discusses operations and maintenance requirements and methods for meeting these requirements.

Section 6: Management Approach. Discusses our plan for accomplishing the system development and deployment, including our project management framework, staffing and organizational structure, and relevant experience.

Section 7: Cost and Schedule. Presents a budget and a detailed schedule suitable for Maryland SHA budget and planning purposes, and upon which successful negotiations for tasking can proceed.

Volume II Contents

Section 8: Appendices. Includes detailed information on the following: