2.3.2 Problems with the Existing System

Mr. Zezeskiís December 16th letter, subsequent discussions with MDSHA personnel, and our own observations have led the CSC/PBFI Team to conclude that the existing system suffers from three major shortcomings:

Perhaps even more important, the process used to develop the existing system was unsuccessful from a customer satisfaction viewpoint; especially, the lack of ongoing communications between the system developers and MDSHA as system development proceeded.

The CSC/PBFI Team clearly understands the functional and performance problems of the existing CHART system, and the underlying breakdowns in the original development process that led to those functional inadequacies. We believe that, through our experience, our proven processes and methodologies, and strong existing relationship with MDSHA, we can work in true partnership to craft a positive and enjoyable development process. The result will be a useful CHART II system that will make MDSHA and the entire region proud and serve as an example for future systems nationwide.