2.4 The CSC/PBFI Team Qualifications

The CSC/PBFI Team is exceptionally well qualified to accomplish the system implementation for the MDSHA for several reasons.

CSC offers years of experience in applying its systems engineering, telecommunications and software development expertise to complex system developments. It is these skills that caused the State of Maryland to change their approach to providing Statewide telecommunications service, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.

PBFI offers extensive experience in developing and integrating working transportation management systems. PBFI has successfully provided systems to 40 public agencies in its 15 years of continual involvement in the ITS/transportation management system marketplace. These include some of the most prominent ITS projects in the country, for example, the SmarTrek ITS Model Deployment project in Seattle, WA. PBFIs business is transportation management systems, and its success stems from its integration of experienced transportation engineering and ITS software expertise.

CSC and PBFI personnel are familiar to the MDSHA. You have experienced the professionalism and dedication of our people, and you have seen that they work together well.

CSC and PBFI possess in-depth knowledge of MDSHAs needs, current operations and systems because of our work in analyzing your telecommunications needs, and in developing an ATM Video Control Manager and Field Management Station for CHART.