CatalystSM is the structured methodology that we will use to manage and implement CHART II. The methodology was developed by CSC over a number of years and has been used successfully by CSC on many projects and by the CSC/PBFI Team on several recent ITS projects, including our ongoing work on the Maryland Network Management Services (MD NMS) Contract.

The Catalyst structure and the specific development paths that will be implemented for CHART II are described in 6.2, The Catalyst Methodology, of this document. In this section, we will simply introduce those design principles inherent to the Catalyst methodology that have a direct bearing on the success of CHART II. Each of these principles either meets a current MDSHA need or ensures that problems experienced on the previous CHART effort will not reappear on the current effort.

Catalyst implements the following principles:

These principles are and will continue to be applied throughout the design, development, and implementation of CHART II. They are, quite simply, the roadmap the CSC/PBFI Team follows in achieving exceptional results for our clients.