The first, and perhaps most important, step in the Catalyst process is the development of a vision and strategy. A successful CHART II system must help operators manage Marylandís diverse traffic problems throughout the State and overcome the shortcomings of the existing system and its development process. The CSC/PBFI Team believes that success is predicated on constantly working to understand MDSHAís needs. We have developed a vision for CHART II that has its foundation in the CHART Mission Statement, which is presented in the Business Plan.

Our vision is to cooperatively develop a system that

The CSC/PBFI Team also believes that the MDSHA desires pride of ownership in their system. We understand this from working with you on the CHART Network task, and we are committed to this style of relationship. The discussions we had during the design phase provided an excellent start to achieving this objective, which will be built upon and continually reinforced by the CSC/PBFI Teamís strategic approach to system implementation.

The CSC/PBFI Teamís strategic approach reflects the following themes:

Such a strategy will be easy for us to achieve because it is integral to the way in which both CSC and PBFI interact with customers. In addition, the technical and project management staff and leadership of both firms are only a short drive away from a meeting with MDSHA. Because all of our key people live and work in the Baltimore/Washington, DC region, this project carries special significance to us. We are not only consultants and contractors to the state, but we are also customers of both the present and resulting systems.

Not only will we approach the project in a cooperative manner, but we will direct our best and fullest resources to its successful completion. The CSC/PBFI Team is comprised of a union of individuals with in-depth knowledge of the systems engineering and software development methodologies as well as the ITS/transportation management systems and software applications necessary to successfully complete the project.