3.3.5 An Incremental Approach to Deployment

PBFI has been working with the ITS Joint Program Office in FHWA in the preparation of a document that will contain guidance for public agencies on ITS software procurement practices. One of the themes of the guidance is "bite-sized pieces." The report states the following:

Successful software organizations take ‘bite-sized’ pieces to ensure that it takes less than nine months to go from requirements to delivery. If you find that a build is scheduled to take longer than a year, subdivide into smaller pieces. Big steps are killers.

The CSC/PBFI Team approach offers MDSHA a continually increasing software capability with deliveries planned to occur on a quarterly basis. This approach ensures that new software development proceeds in a manner consistent with software development quality management practices, as exemplified in Catalyst and the SEI CMM. It also allows users of the software to gain early operating experience, so their suggestions can be incorporated in later deliveries.