Section 3

Design Approach

This section describes the technical and managerial methodology we employ in the service of CHART II, key principles of the Catalyst methodology, and the benefits that accrue to this system as a result of our chosen methodology. Indeed, these design principles form the basis of our recommended technical solution, which is described in detail in Section 4, Technical Approach, and Section 5, Operations and Maintenance. These design principles also provide MDSHA with a guide to the technical approach that the CSC/PBFI Team will use during the final design and implementation phases of this project.

The CatalystSM methodology we are applying to this project has proven to be successful on similar-size software development projects throughout the country. We are confident that applying this methodology to CHART II will achieve positive results for MDSHA. We have used this methodology on the existing ATM Video Control Manager (AVCM) System Development, and we will continue to use this approach on the CHART network implementation work. We use Catalyst because we firmly believe it is right for our team; for MDSHA, our customer; and for the ITS industry in the pursuit of successful traffic management systems.