4.1.7 Fax Tool

The CHART II system will allow operators to send faxes from their workstations. All faxes will have a header that will contain the CHART Logo, date, time, location from which fax is being sent (SOC, TOC3, etc.) and the name of the user sending the fax. From groups configured by the system administrator, operators will be able to set up, through menu options, groups of multiple destinations (including geographic areas) to allow a user to select one group name that will send the same message to all destinations in the group. A menu option will also be provided to allow users to create free form faxes and allow faxes to be sent to numbers not previously defined in the system. The system will allow users to receive a notification when a fax is sent and when a fax had an unsuccessful delivery. All user activities associated with a fax will be logged in the operations logger subsystem.