4.2.1 Requirements Table

A table was developed to ensure that our design incorporated all of MDSHA’s requirements. It is located in Appendix B. The table organizes the requirements by type (availability, cost, environmental, functional, human interface, implementation, legacy system interface, machine/system interface, operations and maintenance, performance, program management, reliability, testing, training, and unclassified), provides a description, and identifies the source. It also maps the requirements with the Object Oriented design use cases and sequence diagrams.

The classification allowed the team to identify the requirements that would affect the architecture of the system. Requirements classified as functional were compared to the National ITS Architecture process-specifications. Subsequently, as described earlier, the CSC/PBFI Team ensured the CHART II physical architecture encompassed all of the appropriate regional interfaces suggested by the National ITS Architecture.

The requirements also served as a starting point for the Object Oriented design. Since an Object Oriented approach focuses on designing from the users perspective, the operator interface requirements served as a departure point for the creation of the use cases and sequence diagrams that comprise the design.

The CSC/PBFI Team will use the table as its basis for configuration management of the requirements once contract award has been made. It provides an easy method to trace a requirement from the list to the design. The table will also serve as a basis for the system acceptance testing.