1. Requirements Sources

The CSC/PBFI Team derived the total set of requirements in the Appendix B table from several sources. MDSHAs CHART II Functional Requirements

These are the requirements specified in the MDSHA CHART II Software Functional Requirements document and accompanying cover letter. Each line of the document was analyzed and an exhaustive set of requirements developed and classified according to their type. Derived Requirements

In addition to the functional requirements provided by MDSHA, the team obtained additional first hand information by speaking to the system users and potential users. Telephone interviews and site visits were conducted to develop an understanding of the operations of the current system. We identified which functions will work well for the MDSHA and which will not. Discussions also led to an understanding of the system capabilities that improve operator efficiency. In addition, the possibility of sharing information with other agencies was investigated.

The following is a list of the telephone interviews, site visits, prototyping sessions, and working group meetings that were conducted, with a brief description of the purpose of the meeting and the individuals involved. Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews were held with the following: Site Visits

The following site visits were completed: Prototypes

Three prototyping sessions were held with MDSHA at the CSC offices. The purpose of these sessions was to foster a cooperative atmosphere between system users and developers. As a result of these sessions, the system operator interface was modified several times, as agreed upon by MDSHA and CSC/PBFI personnel. Operator interface requirements were continually modified as the prototyping sessions evolved. CHART Working Group Meeting

The CHART working group meeting was held at the SOC Training Room on March 9, 1998. It provided an opportunity to gather stakeholder input regarding system interfaces and functions that will affect CHART II in the long term. Based on the working group meeting, requirements were modified and additional ones identified.