Although the prototype has been delivered with two monitors this is not required. The GUI will operate correctly with one, two or four. In addition, the number of monitors can vary according to location. In a district office where the operator is not often present, occasional use is made so one monitor may be all that is warranted. However, two are recommended for operators that use the system more heavily. This will allow the user to have various views of the map open while performing other functions. Additionally other applications such as spreadsheets and word processing can be run without having to close a map to obtain screen space.

As shown in figure 4-27, there are four basic elements that make up the proposed CHART II GUI:

Figure 4-27. CHART II GUI

CSC/PBFI Advantage: The CHART II GUI is designed for easy use and maximum functionality.

Each of these is described in more detail later in this section. The GUI however has a variety of features that provide functions that span these basic elements, for example:

Map It this feature is available from both the alarm ticker and the CHART II Navigator. Pick any object, device, incident, stored location etc. Right-click the mouse, select Map It and the map opens, zoomed to an appropriate position and with the object in the center of the screen with the mouse positioned on the object.