The Toolbar

The toolbar, which is designed to launch applications, is hidden until the operator moves the mouse to the left side of the screen (the selected side can be changed by the user or fixed by the administrator as required). This approach maximizes the availability of the screen. There are a series of applications, that during the initial stages of the project will need to be launched as separate executables. Some of these include applications such as traffic signal control systems that are liable to be proprietary in nature and cannot be integrated due to either institutional or legal issues. Other applications that might be launched separately would be third part applications such as browsers of database interface tools. The use of commercial off-the-shelf packages has been maximized throughout the design. Browsers can readily be launched and used for Internet or Intranet interface. In addition, it is proposed that all the help screens and system documentation be in HTML format. The browser will also provide the interface to the interactive on-line help system.