4.5 Archived Data User Service

The Software Functional Requirements Document (in the RFP) for the CHART II design has a section on establishing a Data Archive and gives requirements for a Data Archive and a System Archive. Those requirements are addressed in our CHART II design. Recently, a national effort to review the Planning User Service as well as the use of ITS-derived data as a resource for planning activities reached a milestone that has resulted in the establishment of an Archived Data User Service (ADUS) as a new User Service.

A process is proposed that builds upon the recently formed CHART Working Group (CWG). The CWG was established to focus on issues that will need to be resolved in a participatory, outreach fashion during the implementation of CHART II. The collaborative interview process used to develop our teamís design has enabled us to address a substantial and necessary part of those issues associated with establishing a data archive system. The continuing of this process during the implementation of CHART II will sufficiently address any remaining issues that are raised by the new ADUS.