5.3.1 Operations and Maintenance – A National Problem

It is the CSC/PBFI Team’s position, and increasingly it is the position of traffic management practitioners nationally, that the biggest problem facing those who own and operate systems is that of adequately providing funding for O&M support. While government agencies routinely commit major funding programs to the design, development, and installation of traffic signal, freeway management, and other specialized ITS applications, few agencies have committed the funding required to maintain those systems in high states of readiness for the long term. The CSC/PBFI Team has carefully evaluated the situation for MDSHA, and has identified several approaches to long-term Operations and Maintenance that it feels will suit MDSHA’s needs well.

As noted above, the insufficiency of funding and support for O&M is a national problem. This is the case for a variety of reasons, including:

Based on the information gathered to date the CSC/PBFI Team has taken the O&M issues into account in the overall system design. The team also feels that since the MDSHA has identified in its RFP a flexible approach to dealing with the challenge, continual evaluation of the several alternative approaches in seeking a solution to the challenge should be done throughout the project. From the team’s perspective, therefore, the key to success is to work with MDSHA to identify approaches that directly addresses each unique challenge that is presented as the system evolves.