6.1 Understanding the Management Challenge

We understand that previous CHART efforts have been hampered by inadequate communications between system developers and MDSHA staff regarding system requirements and capabilities. We further understand that it is for that reason that the MDSHA is emphasizing cooperative development of system requirements for CHART II.

The CSC-developed CatalystSM technical and management methodology is particularly well suited to ensure such cooperative development throughout the project life cycle. For that reason and others, Catalyst will be utilized for the final design, integration, and implementation of the CHART II software subsystem.

The Catalyst methodology drives development with the MDSHA’s business vision; unites providers and users in partnership; applies technology aggressively, but wisely; fosters SEI CMM compliance; and achieves quality and productivity jointly through innovative approaches—all values sought by the MDSHA through this procurement.


We anticipate that this work will be performed as a Telecommunications Service Request (TRS) under the MD NMS Contract. Such implementation would be totally consistent with the use of the Catalyst methodology since it is one of the management methodologies identified under that contract. The MD NMS Contract also contains specific project control and reporting mechanisms, and these same mechanisms will be utilized for CHART II.