6.4.1 Status and Progress Reports

Accurate information, presented on a scheduled basis, keeps everyone apprised of the task status, eliminating surprises and contributing to a team effort. Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports will contain information about funds expended during the month, cumulative funds expended to date, technical activities for the month, results achieved, milestones achieved, problems encountered, MDSHA effort required, items delivered, and, briefly, planned activities for the next month. These reports provide a formal way to convey cost/schedule status, risk analysis, and personnel status. In addition to submitting formal reports, the CSC/PBFI Team will hold regular meetings where the CHART II Project Manager will present the status of critical areas. These personal briefings will provide regular forums for questions and discussion, resulting in a better understanding of the information presented and allowing an exchange of opinions and ideas. Finally, the CSC/PBFI Team believes that the most important status reporting is also the least formal. The CHART II Task Manager and Program Manager will work closely with their counterparts within the MDSHA on a daily basis.