6.6 Facility Locations

The CSC/PBFI Team is unique in that all of our facilities and personnel are local and therefore immediately available to MDSHA personnel. Figure 6-6 shows the location of our Rockville and Hanover facilities from which all CHART II work will be accomplished.

Figure 6-6. CSC/PBFI Facility Locations

CSC/PBFI Advantage: All work will be performed in close proximity to MDSHA Headquarters and the SOC.











Because we are located close to the SOC and only minutes from MDSHA headquarters, frequent communication between our personnel and MDSHA personnel will be easily accomplished and travel costs will be greatly reduced. We think that it is significant that during the testing and deployment of CHART II software, the same personnel who developed the code will be the ones that MDSHA CHART personnel can talk to about possible problems and desired improvements. There will be no third-party translator who is unfamiliar with the system.