6.8.1 The CSC/PBFI Team

The CSC/PBFI Team combines experience and knowledge of technical infrastructure at all levels, interlocking skill sets, and mutually supportive strengths. Our current teaming on the design phase run-off has demonstrated our commitment and ability to work effectively together. The role reversal under the follow-on contract will allow the team to further demonstrate our commitment to both our MD customer and to the field of ITS. Program Managers and executives in both companies are prepared for this task, and the two companies’ strengths are complementary. We think our combined experience, methodologies, and talent provide exceptional value to our client, MDSHA.

Table 6-3 shows specific team strengths and introduces the role to be played by each firm on CHART II.

Table 6-3. CSC/PBFI Roles

CSC/PBFI Advantage: Our team members complement and reinforce each other.

Team Member


Role on CHART II

  • Large Program Management
  • ID/IQ Management
  • World-class Vendor-independent System Integrator
  • Network and Data Center Outsourcing
  • Design and Development of NMS
  • System and Software Development
  • ITS Telecommunications
  • Overall Program Management
  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

  • Design, development, and deployment of state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Software Development in Support of ITS
  • Transportation Consulting
  • Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning
  • ITS Systems
  • System Architecture
  • ITS Software Development
  • System Deployment
  • In addition to these primary team members, we have included on our team consultants Dr. Robert M. Winick and Ms. Debra Lynn Shapiro.

    Dr. Winick provides transportation consulting to a variety of Government and commercial clients including ITS America, DelDOT, the Florida DOT, GSA, and EPA and is the author of a number of professional papers on ITS. He recently established a company, Motion Maps, LLC, to produce, from ITS derived data, time-lapse animations to show changes in traffic congestion patterns over an area, a network or along a corridor for specified time periods or increments. The graphics techniques he developed will be used in CHART II.

    Ms. Debra Lynn Shapiro is President of Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc., a Columbia, MD-based, VADOT-certified woman-owned company that specializes in the implementation and maintenance of ITS with an emphasis on software development and support. She too will be providing unique software support to the CSC/PBFI Team.

    It should also be noted that if this work is performed under the MD NMS contract as assumed, then all of CSC’s subcontractors, including those who are MDOT-certified Minority Business Enterprises, would be available to support the CHART II effort as well.

    We believe that the CSC/PBFI Team is the "best of the best", and we are committed to supporting the CHART II program throughout the life of the Task Order.