6.8.2 Management Process for Subcontractors

During the CHART II implementation phase, CSC will assume the role of prime contractor and PBFI that of subcontractor. Although we will function as a fully integrated team, CSC will assume total responsible for all performance and to that end has established formal procedures for managing subcontractors. The CSC Subcontract Manager is responsible for managing this relationship. For CHART II, assuming this work will be performed under the MD NMS Contract, the responsible official will be the MD NMS Subcontracts Manager. Figure 6-7 provides a high-level display of our subcontractor management process.

Figure 6-7. Subcontractor Management Procedures

CSC/PBFI Advantage: Cooperative subcontractor management procedures are designed for simplicity and completeness.














Highlights of our subcontract approach include:

Formal Procedures for Managing Subcontractors. The CSC Subcontracts Manager, under the direction of the MD NMS Program Manager and in conjunction with the Task Manager, prepares and issues a Task Order Authorization Document (TOAD) to authorize work and to define and govern performance on the CHART II effort. Included in the TOAD are resources and deliverables provided by the prime as well as schedules and deliverables required of the subcontractor.

Clear Identification of Interface Points. CSC has established formal teaming agreements and subcontract agreements with PBFI. The CSC Subcontracts Manager is the Point of Contact (POC) with PBFI for contractual matters. PBFI has designated a single point-of-contact (POC) to coordinate their activities and resources with CSC. This POC works with the CSC task manager and the CSC Subcontracts Manager to identify, analyze, plan, staff, and define task activities.

Procedures for Technical and Managerial Problem Resolution. Technical problems with subcontractor performance (e.g., problems with resources, deliverables, or schedules) are identified in database reports and weekly meetings and are resolved using the procedures which will be described in the Program Management Plan. The Subcontracts Manager, the CSC Task Manager, and the PBFI POC are responsible for the resolution of managerial or contractual issues.