Section 6

Management Approach

The CHART II Task Order cover letter dated December 16, 1997, from the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) Program Manager identifies personnel staffing, relevant experience, and the quality of the internal development processes as areas to be evaluated in our system design documentation. We have co-located our discussion of these various issues in this Management Section of our technical submittal. Certainly, the experience the CSC/PBFI Team brings to this work, the quality of our personnel, and the appropriateness of our management approach will contribute as much to the success of the CHART II effort as the completeness and sophistication of our technical solution.

In the sections that follow, we address those managerial issues that will directly affect the success of the CHART II project.

Our team knows transportation and ITS, including the supporting telecommunications structures, software development, and the integration of complex systems. We have successfully implemented systems similar to CHART II for others, and we will do so for MDSHA. We will deliver a quality ITS system fully responsive to MDSHA requirements.